Reyna Bailon


🔆 Hello, Houston! 🔆 I’m Reyna Fullerton and you’re going to want to get me on your Speed Dial. Today. Why? Because I’m more than a real estate agent—I’m a friend. And sooner than later, you’ll NEED a friend who can guide you through the process of buying or selling your home here in the Houston Metro. And when I say I’m here to help, I mean: I’ll do everything for you but pack your boxes. (I can find you someone to do that, too, though!) Whether you’re just starting to consider upgrading your current home or whether you’re in 911-emergency-mode and need to find a house TODAY, I’m the friend who will make that happen. Seamlessly. Painlessly. It can even be fun! 😁 So grab your phone & get me on speed dial— I can’t wait to get you moving! Hablo Español!