Our Process In Selling Your Home

We will work with you in a systematic way to produce the results that you're looking for

Step 1. Research

The first step is to understand two things;
1) What is the comparable competition like in the area currently?
2) What have the recent comparable sales been over the past 6 months?


Step 2. Pricing & Motivation

Based on the historic sales and future trend indicators, how long will it take to sell the home for the price you're looking for?


Step 3. Marketing

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the listing broker's ability to get the word out to potential buyers in a meaningful way. This is oftentimes much more involved than simply putting a sign in the yard and listing the property on the MLS.


Step 4. Qualify Prospects

We will work with you to help you clearly understand the strengths and potential weaknesses of all of the offers received for your home so that you can make the most informed decision possible on which contract to accept.


Step 5. Closing

The final step happens at the closing table where all of our hard work together pays off!


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