Let's Find Your Dream Home!

Follow this approach and you'll be sitting at the closing table in no time

Step 1. Preapproval

First thing's first. Let's get you set up with a lender of your choice to see what price range you should be shopping in


Step 2. MLS Search

Based on your ideal property criteria and your lender qualifications, we'll search the MLS to find suitable matches for you


Step 3. Home Showings

Together, we'll view as many properties as it takes to create a short list of potential contenders for you


Step 4. Submit Offers

Now we'll send out the offer(s) and begin negotiating the best deal for you


Step 5. Inspections

Once we're under contract, then it's time for your due diligence period to begin. Here's where you will hire an inspector as well as look at all of the details of the property including HOA to make sure that this is the right property for you


Step 6. Closing

Closing time!!!
Sign docs, get your keys, and move in!


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