Sheila Joseph


I came out of the womb admiring the characteristics of my home in New Orleans, LA. I had two passions in life, Math and Open houses. While studying accounting my favorite past time was going to Open Houses on weekends. You laugh, but it is true. I began working accounting jobs but I still had another unfulfilled passion. I learned later in life I loved seeing people obtaining the American dream, Home Ownership. I loved the idea that I, Sheila Ann Joseph, assisted in them accomplishing that goal. With my accounting background, making sure my clients pay the best price is a cinch. Helping my clients sell and buy homes is my most passionate obsession. I've been seeing their smiles and watching hopes fulfilled over 15 years now and it is still a genuine gratifying reward of this profession. I hold an MBA with an extensive Accounting background. As a accountant I worked in homeless shelters to help provide homes to the homeless. While I love both professions, the common ground is this, I believe everyone deserves a home. Let me help you find your perfect home.