Thomas Cook


Hi all! I am not a native to Texas, but I got here as quick as possible!! I retired early after a 35-years career in the Oil and Gas Industry with a single company. This success was driven by the three pillars of Dedication, Discipline and Leadership. These pillars guarantee Client satisfaction due to the solid foundation of Core Values that come with those years of success, they are: ** Commitment of Service – Loyalty. ** Openness and Honesty - Transparency. ** Focus on the Details - Results. ** Business Ethics and Integrity - Trust. I am new to the real estate industry, but I am highly experienced in managing multimillion-dollar projects and the documentation and compliance that goes with that work. Also, Jerry Fullerton’s Team of Realtors is 100 members strong in 4 major markets and the surrounding areas in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. This resource pool puts Jerry Fullerton’s Team at the Top of the List for clients needing to sell, buy, or rent new property. This amazing team of Professional Realtors have over 500 years of proven experience in the Real Estate Industry. So, let us get started delivering on your needs, give me a call 713-302-9266, we will do the heaving lifting. Regards, Thomas